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Submitting Articles

If you are reading this page, then you have an interest in costuming. Chances are that you did, learned, or taught at least one thing last year that members would enjoy reading about. Share your experience. Even if you are not into writing, VC provides many ways for you to contribute. Keep reading to learn how.

Who Can Submit Articles?

VC welcomes articles by Silicon Web members as well as by costumers who are not members. This helps members keep in touch with the wider costuming community, and raises awareness of SiW as a virtual community that others should join.

If you have an idea or a finished article of any type, please let us know. If you meet people at Cons, classes, or other events with costuming subjects that might make good articles, ask for their contact information and let me know about it. Helping locate articles also makes a contribution.

Send your ideas and articles to:

Types of Articles

As an online costuming magazine, VC has a number of departments that use articles of all different types and lengths, including:

Length Guidelines

As a general guideline, here are some average lengths for different types of articles:

Submission Format

You can submit articles in either a commmon word processing format like RTF, MS Word, Mac Pages, or Open Office Writer, or in plain text. If you use a word processing format that supports it, you can embed photos and captions in the document where you think they should go. If you use plain text, place line breaks only between paragraphs, indicate roughly where each photo goes and its caption, and send the photos separately. Where a photo actually appears depends on layout. A note will be added to the text, indicating its location on the page

Photos and Illustrations

Photos and illustrations add interest to almost any type of article, so use as may as you need to show what you're describing. For each photo or illustration you submit, please indicate whether it was made by you or someone else. If someone else took the photo or created the illustration,, also identify who made it, the original source (with URL if appropriate), and how you have the right to use it, such as:

Most photographers and illustrators are nice people, and will give you permission to use their work if you ask politely, and explain that it will appear in a non-profit publication like VC. Because of copyright restrictions, VC cannot publish a photo or illustration unless you have the right to use it in your article.

Publication Rights

VC is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Drivative Works 3.0 United States license. Authors, photographers, and artists retain full rights to their works and grant VC a non-exclusive right to publish them. Entire issues or individual articles can be redistributed in their original form for non-commercial use with attribution. We ask that an author, photographer, or artist who first publishes a work in VC, as a courtesy, credit VC for first publication, and point back to the original article on our website.

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