Silicon Web Costumer's Guild


A "virtual" organization, with members in the United States, Canada, and England, Silicon Web Costumers' Guild is one of the largest chapters of the ICG. Anyone with an interest in costuming is welcome to join us.

This map, with international flags, and the table below indicates where our members live:

SiW Membership Map
Alabama 1 Arizona 2 California 23 Colorado 3 Connecticut 2 Florida 3
Iowa 1 Kansas 1 Maine 1 Maryland 1 Massachussets 1 Michigan 1
Nebraska 1 Nevada 1 New York 1 Ohio 1 Oklahoma 1 Pennsylvania 6
Tennessee 1 Texas 1 Virginia 10 Washington 1 Wisconsin 2 Canada 1
England 1    

Member List

If a member is listed in blue you can select the name to see his or her profile on the Member Profiles page.

Andrew Assarattanakul  (WI)
Vicki Assarattanakul  (WI)
Jada Avery  (PA)
Raven Avery  (PA)
Angel Avery-Wright  (PA)
Braeden Babineaux  (VA)
Clara Babineaux  (VA)
Cordelia Babineaux  (VA)
Dustin Babineaux  (VA)
Kaia Babineaux  (VA)
Mera Babineaux  (VA)
Thalen Babineaux  (VA)
Julie Basarab  (KS)
Diana Bass  (England)
Gunther Berger  (CA)
Christofer (Chris) Bertani  (CA)
Christina (Christy) Bertani  (CA)
Aurora Celeste  (CT)
Catherine Cherwin  (IA)
Melina Chestley  (Ontario, Canada)
Bonnie Cummings  (VA)
Craig Cummings  (VA)
Janice Dallas  (CA)
Ron Dallas  (CA)
Anne Davenport  (FL)
Margaret Decker  (OK)
Betsy Marks Delaney  (MD)
Deborah Lynn Dixon  (CO)
Lynn Downward  (CA)
Christine Doyle  (CA)
Pamela Faint  (PA)
Kathleen Fedore  (FL)
Sarah Fedore  (FL)
Sally Fink  (PA)

Bayley Gaillard  (OH)
Phillip Garcia  (CA)
Kathe Gust  (CA)
Philip Gust  (CA)
Alyssa Kersting  (WA)
Joe Krull  (PA)
William J. (Bill) Laubenheimer  (CA)
Bruce MacDermott  (CA)
Dana MacDermott  (CA)
Richard Man  (CA)
Anne Merritt  (CA)
Stacy Meyn  (CA)
Shelley Monson  (NV)
Karen Murphy-Linden  (AZ)
Stephen Nelson  (CA)
Tracy Newby  (CA)
Carole Parker  (CA)
Kevin Roche  (CA)
Sophie Ryan  (AL)
Deb Salisbury  (TX)
Elaine Swick Sims  (AZ)
Jennifer Skwarski  (MI)
Stephy Sunny  (NY)
Jeanine Swick  (MA)
Diana Thompson  (ME)
Andrew Trembley  (CA)
Bjo Trimble  (CA)
John Trimble  (CA)
Joy Wandrey  (TN)
Carol Wang  (CA)
Beverly Warner  (CO)
Leah Watts  (NE)
Nightwing Whitehead  (TX)

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