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The Silicon Web Costumers' Guild encourages anyone with an interest in costuming to join. Did you know that you can be a member of SiW and another costuming organization? Members of other ICG chapters, as well as additional members of the same household, receive a substantial discount.

Looking for an inexpensive gift for your costuming friends or a young adult in your family? How about a membership in SiW? For the cost of two movie tickets, they receive an entire costuming community, and a costuming magazine too. Send this Gift Membership Announcement by email, with your special message.

What are the types of membership?

Silicon Web (SiW) is a chapter of the International Costuming Guild (ICG). If you have paid full price to become a member of another chapter (your Primary chapter), we offer a discount for you to join SiW (which would become your Secondary chapter). That way you don't pay the ICG dues twice.

SiW is an online chapter with no official physical meetings, though we do often meet at costuming events, and some members have held events in their local areas. If you join us, we have a Google Group where we discuss any costuming-related subject that someone brings up: techniques, books, upcoming events and conventions, or fabric/costume/accessory sales.

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