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Mar 12 2023: Webinar - Making and Styling Wigs for Costumers

Wigs and Wig Making for Costumers Kendra Van Cleave will discuss how costumers can make and style wigs for many types of costumes. She will also talk about her book, 18th Century Hair & Wig Styling, which includes a section with step-by-step guides for creating and working with wigs of all kinds. Van Cleave is a fashion historian, academic librarian, and award-winning costumer. She is on the board of the Costume Society of America Western Region, and is a past president of the Greater Bay Area Costumers' Guild.

Jan 29 2023: Webinar - Cosplay: A History [recording available]

Cosplay: A HistoryJoin Andrew Liptak as he discusses his book Cosplay: A History. The book is a deep dive into the origins and culture of cosplay that covers a wide swath of its history to understand where it came from, how it has evolved, and why it has become such a mainstream phenomenon. Liptak is a writer and historian, and a member of the 501st Legion, an international fan-based organization dedicated to the dark side of Star Wars.

Dec 18 2022: Webinar - Tech Couture [recording available]

Tech Couture Sahrye Cohen and Hal Rodriguez are the authors of the DIY Electronics book Make It, Wear It: Wearable Electronics for Makers, Crafters and Cosplayers, and founders of the tech couture designer group Ampted Atelier. Tech couture blends traditional sewing techniques with computer assisted fabrication and wearable electronics. Sahrye and Hal will present about the design, materials, and construction techniques that they use for their fashion pieces and wearable electronic costumes. They will also share DIY electronic projects and tips for making costumes that light-up, make sound, and move. See the November 2022 issue of VC for details

Sep 18, 2022: Webinar - Ukrainian Wedding Towels (Rushnyk) [recording available]

Ukrainian wedding towel Ukrainian folk artist Vera Sukhorukova will join us virtually from her home village outside the capital of Kyiv. Her presentation is about traditional and modern embroidered Ukrainian wedding towels (Rushnyk). These towels play important roles in a traditional Ukrainian wedding ceremony. Vera will talk about and show pictures of these elaborately embroidered towels, from ancient times and those being made now. She will also show various stitch techniques and discuss the meaning of symbols used in the embroidery patterns. See the August 2022 issue of VC p. 7 for details

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